Campaign Platform


My campaign platform is simple; to make Ontario County a better and safer place for us to live, work, play, and raise our families. There is no place else that I would rather use my law enforcement training and experience to serve others and make a positive difference. That is why I have committed my entire career to working in Ontario County. During the thirty-three years that I have been with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office, I have seen the growth, development, and challenges. Using my knowledge and experience, I can bring positive changes to the Sheriff's Office that will benefit the citizens of Ontario County.  I will be fiscally responsible and make sure that the budget at the Sheriff's Office is transparent to the taxpayers, while allocated wisely. 

Narcotics Enforcement

As your sheriff I will: 

  1. Use a team approach with all of our law enforcement agencies within the county and surrounding counties to investigate and arrest those who are selling drugs.
  2. Work with the District Attorney's Office to make sure that those who sell drugs in this county will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.                  
  3. Actively support programs that encourage treatment, and seek out  all treatment options. We cannot arrest our way out of this epidemic, but by being pro-active we can help those who are seeking treatment in getting the help they need. 

There is little doubt that illegal narcotics have an enormous impact on the safety of Ontario County. Estimates indicate that over 80% of all crimes committed in New York is attributable to illegal narcotics.  Whether it be burglaries and thefts committed to obtain money for drugs, or assaults and domestic violence because of being high on drugs, or the death of a loved one who overdosed - I know we can do a better job at detecting, deterring, and interdicting illegal drugs. 

Drugs do not discriminate based on age, gender, race, or economic status. Our entire nation, along with Ontario County, is dealing with an epidemic. I vow to aggressively address this problem, along with other illegal drugs, in our community. Having been a deputy for over three decades, working throughout our county, I have unfortunately seen, first hand, what these drugs are doing to our community, and I am truly committed to fighting this battle. 

I will continue to support and be personally involved in:

  1. Partnership for Ontario County
  2. Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
  3. Support Recovery Programs
  4. Naloxone (NARCAN) Program 

Community Outreach

As your sheriff I will: 

  1. Be visable and work for positive change.
  2. Be accountable and accessible to the citizens of the county.
  3. Be responsive to their concerns and their needs.
  4.  Improve the morale of  the Sheriff's Office in all divisions.  

I have enjoyed years of outreach and public education through my role as a Deputy Sheriff and County Coroner.  As Sheriff, I intend to continue to reach out and communicate with our citizens.

The Jail Division

As your sheriff, I will ensure that our Corrections Officers and Support Staff receive the most up-to-date training, to improve the safety and security of the facility. 

The Ontario County Jail is a critical resource and asset within the Sheriff's Office. I recognize the obligation to our citizens and taxpayers to ensure that Jail operations are efficient, effective, and financially sound.

The Ontario County Corrections Officers and Support Staff are an integral part of this system.  Through increased technology, I will improve operations by streamlining processes, while allowing our Corrections Officers and Support Staff to provide more input on enhancing the jail operations. 

Working with our Corrections Officers and Support Staff, I will build upon and modify our jail programming to ensure that inmates are educated and mentored, to reduce the rate of recidivism in our community.  Examples of the programming that I will make available to inmates of the Ontario County Jail include:  

  1. Bible Study/Church Services                              
  2. Counseling Programming
  3. Life Skills Programming             
  4. Mentorship Programming
  5. Faith-based Re-entry Programming               
  6. Mental Health Group Programming
  7. Inmate Work Crew Programming
  8. NA/AA (Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous)
  9. Substance Abuse Programming
  10. GED (General Education Development)

I would like to expand our Inmate Work Program, with vetted and trusted jail inmates serving non-violent offenses. Through this program, Inmates will work in the jail performing certain tasks, to include laundry services, custodial cleaning, trash removal, and painting. They will also support our community by painting swing sets and park equipment, mowing lawns, trimming trees, collecting trash along our highways, weeding flowerbeds, and other supervised details.

With input from our Corrections Officers and Support Staff, I will continue to assess our policies, procedures, and workforce. My goal is to utilize a team approach to develop and improve upon our Jail Operations in a difficult work environment. 

Protecting Our Children

As your Sheriff, ensuring the safety of our children will be a top priority. I was a full-time School Resource Officer for the Phelps-Clifton Springs School District from 2004-2008. Recently I went back into the School Resource Officer position as a part-time deputy, assigned to the Manchester-Shortsville School District. Having first hand experience as a School Resource Officer, I understand the importance of this program and will continue to support it as Sheriff. 

I am currently a supporter of various programs for our youth in the County. I am active with the Partnership for Ontario County and support the Child Advocacy Center. This program supports those children who have been sexually victimized.

Some of the initiatives that I support and will enhance are the following:

  1. The School Resource Officer program which is in each of our county school districts.
  2. Child Advocacy Center - work cohesively to provide the needed expertise criminal investigations, thus prosecuting those who prey on our children.         
  3. Raise the Age law - This law changes the age to 18 years for those who are charged with most crimes. Due to this, counties will need to be prepared for this as it will fully be implemented by 10/01/19.  

Protecting Senior Citizens

Our seniors are particularly vulnerable to the crimes of burglars, petty thieves and con artists. They fear crime and that fear causes many to remain in their homes. This strategy addresses their fear of crime and provides crime prevention services to minimize this.

As your sheriff, I will continue to support and build upon the following:

  1. A communication network to keep the elderly alert to potential crime.
  2. Information and training on how to report crime. 
  3. Continue to support the Senior and Lawman Together (SALT) program. 
  4. Services to support elderly victims in dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial crime.
  5. Access to products, training, and other services to help prevent victimization.
  6. Continue to promote the Project Lifesaver program, which supports those who have loved ones with Alzheimer's and related mental disorders. Clients  of Project Lifesaver wear a personalized wristband that emits a tracking signal. When caregivers notify the Sheriff's Office that the person is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the client's last known location and starts searching with a mobile locator tracking system. Search times are typically reduced from hours and days down to minutes.