About The Candidate

Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson is a lifelong resident of Ontario County, born and raised in Canandaigua, New York. He graduated from Canandaigua Academy in 1982, and completed his Associates 

Degree in Criminal Justice from Finger Lakes Community College in 1984. Kevin began his 33-year career at the Ontario County Sheriff's Office on May 26, 1984, as a part time 

deputy with the marine unit. In 1986, he became a full-time Corrections Officer in the Jail Division. In 1987, Kevin was promoted to the Road Patrol Division as a Deputy 

Sheriff. As a Deputy, Kevin was certified as a K-9 narcotics handler.  He and his K-9 partner, Fudgie, investigated numerous narcotic cases that led to criminal prosecution. 

Kevin has also been a certified Field Training Officer, and has trained numerous Deputies throughout his career. In 2004, he became a School Resource Officer and was assigned 

to the Phelps/Clifton Springs School District for four years.

Kevin has had a distinguished career, receiving numerous awards and accolades. After retiring in September of 2008, Kevin continued on at the Sheriff’s Office as a part-time 

deputy, and is still working at that capacity today, assigned as a School Resource Officer at the Red Jacket Central School District.  During his tenure at the Sheriff's 

Office, Kevin has held the position of Union President, and has negotiated several contracts. He was also the President of the Deputy Sheriff's Benevolent Association, which 

supports members of the Sheriff's Office and, when needed, the community at large. Kevin is currently the Secretary of the Criminal Unit with the Ontario County Police 

Benevolent Association. 

During his law enforcement career, Kevin returned to school and obtained a degree in Mortuary Science from the Simmons School of Mortuary Science in 2002. He successfully 

passed the National Board exam and, upon completion of his residency, became a NYS Licensed Funeral Director. Kevin was subsequently elected Ontario County Coroner in 2011, 

and was re-elected to a second term in 2014. Kevin is committed to his duties as coroner and is a Board Member on the New York State Association of County Coroners and Medical 

Examiners. Kevin has attended numerous courses and training in order to further his skills as Coroner. He attended the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office basic and 

advanced level Medical Legal Death Investigators course, having been selected from a nationwide pool of applicants. This course was completely funded by the New York City 

Medical Examiner’s Office, and those who applied needed to meet the selective criteria in order to attend. 

Kevin is also part of a federal response mass fatality team within the Department of Health and Human Services. This team, referred to as the Disaster Mortuary Operational 

Response Team, covers New York State, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Kevin, as an integral member of this team, recently returned from a three-week deployment in 

Puerto Rico, where he assisted with the recovery efforts impacted by Hurricane Maria.  He was also deployed to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in Louisiana, and assisted in the 

recovery and identification of those victims who lost their lives. He was also deployed to Clarence, New York in 2009, and assisted with the identification of those who lost 

their lives in the Continental Flight 3407 crash.  After the World Trade Towers were attacked by terrorists in 2001, Kevin was one of eleven deputies in the Ontario County 

Sheriff's Office who responded to New York City and assisted the New York City Police with evidence collection and the search for human remains.  

Kevin is on numerous boards and committees. He is a board member with the Canandaigua Emergency Squad, Board Member with the New York State Association of County Coroners and 

Medical Examiners, Vice Chairman of the Ontario County Traffic Safety Council, member of the Ontario County Safety Council, member of the Ontario County Child Fatality Review 

Team, member of the Suicide Prevention Coalition, Nowhere to Go Coalition, Juvenile Sex Trafficking Coalition, and supports the Partnership of Ontario County, serving on the 

Substance Abuse Coalition. He has also been involved in supporting the Unwanted Prescription Take Back Program since the program’s inception in 2008.  He continues to support his community each year, and looks forward to his campaign for Ontario County Sheriff in 2018.