Bob Lonsberry: Endorsement for Henderson

WHAM 1180 Talk Radio Host and Conservative Bob Lonsberry endorses Kevin Henderson for Sheriff - on the air, November 5, 2018.  Take a listen.

School Safety: Protecting Our Children & Staff

Kevin Henderson is currently the School Resource Officer for the Manchester-Shortsville School District, protecting our children and staff on a daily basis.  Kevin isn't just talking about, he's doing it.

Henderson Speech - The Ontario County Sheriff's Office

Kevin Henderson gives a speech on the great men and women of the Ontario County Sheriff's Office. He speaks to the Opioid crisis, and discusses some planned initiatives to address the problem.

Bob Lonsberry Segment - Public Safety Not Politics

Kevin Henderson explains to Bob Lonsberry on WHAM 1180, what "Public Safety, Not Politics" means in his campaign for Ontario County Sheriff. Henderson will  lead from the front, and serve all the people of Ontario County.

30 Second TV Spot - Public Safety Not Politics

Listen as Kevin Henderson describes his 34-year career with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office, proudly serving since 1984.  For over three decades, he has served Ontario County residents, working in almost every division of the Sheriff's Office.  His message is simple - Public Safety Not Politics!  A vote for Henderson is a vote for leadership in law enforcement.  

15 Second TV Spot - Henderson for Sheriff

See and hear Kevin Henderson narrating a 15-second TV spot, outlining his 34 years with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office. His message is "public safety not politics."  With boots on the ground in Ontario County since 1984, having served in just about every division, Henderson is well qualified to be your next Sheriff.  

30 Second TV Spot - Henderson for Sheriff

See and hear Tom Burns discuss the loss of his brother five years ago, and the assistance and leadership that Kevin Henderson provided in the aftermath of his family tragedy.  Henderson has had boots on the ground in Ontario County for 34 years.  

Documentary Video - Meet Kevin Henderson

See and hear Kevin Henderson discuss his family roots in Ontario County and his dedicated career path as a third-generation law enforcement officer. Having served his entire career with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office, Henderson has worked in almost every division, including the Ontario County Jail, Marine Patrol, Road Patrol, K-9 Unit, Scuba Rescue Unit, Field Training, Community Outreach, and School Resource Officer Program.  

The Opioid Crisis

Hear and see Kevin Henderson discuss the opioid crisis in Ontario County.  Henderson knows first hand about this issue, and sees the tragedies unfold at every overdose scene that he responds to as County Coroner.  As Sheriff, Henderson will ensure that every overdose is treated as a crime, seeking out the drug dealers who are responsible, while working closely with addiction treatment programs for those affected by this epidemic. 

Testimonials on Henderson for Sheriff

Hear and see many supporters giving their assessment of Kevin Henderson, including Retired Wayne County Sheriff Jim Hurley and many others. As one supporter stated, "This is not a political move for Kevin, but a career goal, he's going to do a great job!" 

More Testimonials from County Residents

Hear and see many residents of Ontario County proudly discussing their support for Kevin Henderson for Sheriff.  Former Village of Victor Mayor Jason Ashton states, "He's responsive to the community, he knows how to articulate his vision, and then following through... it's a win-win for everyone!"

Campaign Kick-off Speech

Hear and see Kevin Henderson delivering his January 14, 2018 Campaign Kick-Off Speech at the American Legion in Canandaigua, New York.  With about 150 people present, Kevin explains why he is running for Sheriff and tells us about his experience and background.